Medical Expenses

On MOM website, it doesn't indicate how much the employer should help to bear the medical examination fee and neither was it indicated in the employment contract, then how much do I need to help to pay when m staff fall ill? Currently we are helping to pay S$30 per visit, but sometimes it only covers part of the bill. Could you please advise me on this?

Under employement act, the employer shall pay for the eligible employee the medical consultation. If the bill is $35.00, where $15.00 is the medical consultation fees, and $20.00 being the medicine, then the employer shall pay the employee at least $15.00.

Most of the bill does not indicate the portion of medical consultation and medicine. Market practice is that the employer usually cover at least 70% of the medical bill per visit. However, if the employee is able to prove to the employer that the 70% is insufficient for the medical consultation, the employer shall pay to the employee accordingly.