What is Hospitalization Leave?

What is Hospitalization Leave?

Hospitalization Leave is part of the Sick Leave / Medical Leave under Employment Act. All employees shall have 60 days of Hospitalization Leave where 14 days out of the 60 days can be used as Sick Leave (MC).

If employee has used 10 days of Sick Leave for the outpatient consultation, he / she will have only 50 days of Hospitalization Leave balance.

Hospitalization can be issued by clinics and hospital, the employee may not need to be hospitalized, to be considered as Hospitalization Leave. In the event, where the medical condition is critical, and in doctor's opinion that the employee is required to rest at home for long period, the doctor may give the employee the "hospitalization leave" instead of medical leave. For this instance, the hospitalization leave entitlement shall be deducted but not the 14 days sick leave.

Many employers have wrong perception that the employees must stay in the hospital then will be considered as hospitalization leave. Whether the leave is normal medical leave or hospitalization leave, the employer shall refer to the medical chit written by the doctor.