Working Hour and Payslip

(1) I read your website and was a bit confused. Why sometimes people tell me to divide by 42 or 44 per week ? For our company, if we work from 9am -6pm from Mon-Fri, should it be 40 per week ?
If your company working hour is from 9am - 6pm with 1 hour of lunch break, then your total working hour per week is 40 hours.

(2) Is there standard format for payroll slips. If yes, will you be able to provide me with a template for payroll slips ?
There isn't standard format for payslip, usually the following component is essetial, basic salary, allowances, overtime, cpf deduction, fund contribution and etc.

(3) May I ask what is the basic insurance that I should get for my employee ?
If the employee is eligible for the workman compensation, you should purchase for them.