Apply Annual Leave to Cut Short Notice Period

I have tendered resignation, and I wish to apply my annual leave to cut short my notice period, can I use my annual leave to off set?

Annual leave is the entitlement for the employee, however, the employer has the right to approve or reject your leave application.

Usually, in your employment contract, both parties need to serve 1 month notice or salary in-lieu of notice to terminate the employment contract. If the employee resigned, he/she need to work for the company for 1 full calendar month or he/she need to compensate the company according to the number of working days.

Employer has the right to reject your leave application, and request employee to work until the last working day. However, employer will en-cash all your annual leave accordingly in your last pay cheque.

If you insist to leave the company, no one can stop you, so you need to pay the salary in lieu of notice for the period you did not serve. However, you will still be paid for the unconsumed annual leave.

In terms of money / salary calculation, they are still the same, is just that some company is holding the principle to disallow the employee to use their annual leave to "offset" their notice period. By making the employee to serve short notice may affect the reputation of the employee.

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