Employee On Leave During Haze

Ministry of Manpower advised all employer to give some flexibility to employees during the haze period.

As advised by MOM "Some employees may be unable to report for work because they are unwell or need to take care of their family members, e.g. family members are unwell because of the haze, or require alternative childcare arrangements as school / childcare facilities are closed.
They are encouraged to:
  • Discuss with their employers on the feasibility of adopting flexible work arrangements (FWAs) to meet organisational and personal needs.
  • Where FWAs are not feasible, employees may wish to seek approval from their employers to take time-off, use advance leave or other leave arrangements."
As HR good practice, we shall take care of employees especially those who need to make arrangement for childcare. However, my view is that the operation shall continue and we shall not suggest shut down of operation unless given direction by MOM.