Market Practice of Marriage Leave

May I know what is the current practice in Singapore for marriage leave?
Marriage Leave is not a mandated leave in Singapore, however, it is a common leave for a company to give an extra perks for the employee to celebrate their happy moment.

Many company restrict the Marriage Leave to "confirmed staff" and some depends on the date of marriage. In my opinion, as a goodwill, Company shall extend such leave to employees even from day one of their employment. Reason being, how many times your staff going to get married and isn't it a good chance for you to better engage your employee by grant him 2-5 days leave instead of he has a bad start since he joined your company? He will remember for his entire employment life!

Duration of the marriage leave given by company usually with minimum 2 days to 5 days in Singapore and Malaysia, and more days given to China. Many company indicated in the policy as "applicable for first legal marriage" ... hmm, ever thought why the company only restrict for first marriage? oh ya, must be legal for sure.

Some company give the Marriage Leave for Registry of Marriage (ROM) and some extended to Customary of the wedding. Both options come with their pro and cons which you need to analyse and understand which option will work well for your company.

Applicable for ROM only
This is the straight forward practice, which many company policy will grant the marriage leave for after the ROM, and such leave will expire after 1 year of the ROM date, This is a better way to administer and also to avoid disputes. Employee has to submit the ROM certificate and they have their choice to clear their Marriage Leave within 1 year after their ROM date, for their planning of customary as well as short honeymoon after the ROM. With this option, employer can also open the option to the new joiner too !
However, some employee may give feedback that their customary is not within 1 year of the ROM date and they will prefer to have the marriage leave during the customary. Employer can review this by case to case basis and also can advise the employee to use their Annual Leave for their customary instead.

Applicable for Customary only
This is a more flexible option which usually more welcomed by the employee, but personally I do not prefer using this option. Reason ... it is difficult for employer to administer the date of customary and to have the documentation proof of the customary. Not all races have their wedding dinner, and some employee may prefer to have their customary wedding at their home country, which make this matter become more complicated. I would suggest for the Company with more operation staff, it is always not advisable to use this option.

Some company give voucher as a form of gift to employee for their marriage, which again though is a good practice, I would not suggest for company with higher number of headcount.

Marriage Leave though is not mandated, but I strongly encourage employer to consider to grant such leave as your employee will truly appreciate it !