Leave Types for Foreign Workers

S Pass Holder or Work Permit Holder entitled Child Care Leave , Maternity Leave or Paternity Leave, Marriage Leave? What is the market practice ?
Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave
There is no differences in the treatment of the Childcare Leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave for the foreigners, as it is mandatory and the quantum shall depend on the nationality of the child for Childcare Leave. As for the question, whether work permit holder who is not suppose to give birth in Singapore, but yet how they shall be eligible to maternity leave, it is a much complex situation which I do not think I am able to answer you here, which many of times, it much depends on many other factors to be taken into consideration.
Marriage Leave
Marriage Leave is not mandatory in the Act, as it depends on the company discretion.
Advice: As a good HR practice, foreigner shall not be discriminated when we draft the company policy, and hence, there shall not be any differences in the treatment. The impact on morale and possible illegal strike (our latest case in Singapore), is much bigger than you can imagine.  
S Pass Holder or Work Permit Holder will get Bonus or Annual Increment yearly same as Singaporean / SPR  or they only will get after their contract (2 years for SPass and Work Permit) ends? What the market practice?
Many HR practitioners in the markets are confused and about the company contract and the expiry dates of the work pass. We shall treat this as 2 different thing. When employer hires a Work Pass holder, can they offer them the permanent contract, the answer is yes, and why HR practitioners have to be rigid to think that the employment shall be tied with the expiry date of the permit, and subsequently your internal policy and how you manage the contract will be in the mess.
See it this way, work pass is a document to allow foreign worker to work in Singapore within the specific period. Your employment contract is the contract between employer and foreign worker by offering them the job. You shall see this as 2 different things.
As for bonus and increment, it much depends on your company policies and practices. You can choose to offer a 2 years contract with the Completion Contract Gratuity (good for some Work Permit Holder), or your can provide them the contract or the package similar with the locals.