resignation procedure for work permit holder

May I know for a work permit holder in Singapore and wishes to give 24 hours resignation and still have some unused annual leave, what are the procedures involved. Can the notice be given via email if the superior is not pleasant to be approached. Can I offset my 1 month salary in lieu with the unused leave and just pay the balance sum.

Employees who wish to resign must give the employer notification by writing, and to serve the notice period or salary in lieu of notice.

For your immediate resignation (by giving 24 hour notice) and requesting to offset with unutilized annual leave, you shall tender resignation letter to the management directly. For your request to offset with your unutilized annual leave is subject to approval; if it is not approve, you are liable to pay for 1-month salary in lieu of notice.

Also, your work permit is deemed to be cancelled from the date of employment is terminated. Upon cancellation, you will be issued with a Special Pass to exit Singapore. You have to surrender the Special Pass to the Immigration Checkpoint Officer at the point of departure when leaving Singapore.

Proper procedure may not to what you desire, or you prefer to leave a bad employment record in Singapore? How would you feel if Company terminates your employment via email with immediate effect without talking to you? (And do you really check your email promptly? How about your superior?) Act wise, think twice J