maternity leave for 3rd confinement

I am a PR, and currently pregnant with my third child. Therefore not entitled to maternity leave from company anymore.
could I use my hospitalization leave or sick leave balance to rest after my delivery? As for sure I am not fit to start work immediately after delivery.

First, employee will be entitled to the maternity leave benefits under Child Development Co-Savings Act if: (i) The child is Singapore Citizen (depends on the nationality of the child not the parents); (ii) The child’s parents are lawfully married; and (iii) The employee has served her employer for at least 90 days before the child’s birth. The Child Development Co-Savings Act covers parents of Singapore Citizens, including managerial, executive and confidential staff.

If you do not qualify for maternity leave under Child Development Co-Savings Act, your case will be subject to the contractual agreement you have with your employer. It is best for you to refer to your Company’s leave policy and consult your employer on maternity leave entitlement for employee who is on third confinement onwards, for some employers in Singapore allow mother of non-Singapore citizen child (third confinement onwards) to go for 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave.