hospitalization leave

I was on Hospitalization Leave for 23 days.  My employer told me that hospitalization leave is part of the sick leave.
Hence, my entitlement of 14 days sick leave have been deducted as part of my hospitalization leave.

Since all employees shall have 60 days of Hospitalization Leave where 14 days can be used as sick leave.
According to my employer, my hospitalization leave will be deducted from my sick leave instead of from the hospitalization leave.
Therefore, my sick leave entitlement of 14 days are being utilized, and thereafter I would have no more sick leave entitlement for this year.  
This means I would have to take unpaid sick leave should I need to go on medical leave.

Employee is eligible for 60 days of Hospitalization Leave which inclusive of 14 days of Sick Leave per calendar year after the eligibility period (3 months).

Employer shall deduct the leave based on the leave type (I.e. Medical/Sick Leave or Hospitalization Leave) indicated at the medical chit.