Can I reject Company's written notice on the extension of the notice period?

I would like to enquire if it is possible for my employer to extend my notice period from one month which was stated in the employment contract to 3 months without written notification. My manager has verbally informed us that she is looking into extending my notice period but so far i have not received any written notification.

In the event that the company provides me with a written notice on the extension of the notice period, is there anyway i can reject it.

Under the employment act, employee has the right to resign at any time by serving the required notice or by compensating the employer salary in-lieu of notice. Failure of the employer to allow an employee to leave his service is an offence. Employer cannot request employee to serve any other notice period that is not indicated at the employment contract.

For your case, you have the right to reject to serve more than 1-month short notice as stated at your employment contract.