Training Bond

I am hoping you to enlighten me on the training bond Isigned with current company.

The following extracted from the signed documents: "The Terms & Conditions are stipulated asfollows: 1. You are liable to refund to the Company: a) 100% of course fees incurred by you and paid bycompany; and b) reimbursement of salary-in-lieu for unfulfilled bondperiod shoud you: ...1.2 leave the company whilst serving the bond throughresignation or dismissal (breach of contract/misconduct) by the company; 2. The Company may, at its discretion terminate thissponsorship program by notice in writing and reserves the right to demand therefund stated in item (1) OR: 2.1 refund of100% of course fees incurred by you and paid by company during training period; 2.2 refund of100% of course fees incurred by you and paid by company and 3 months ofsalary-in-lieu for unfulfilled bond period upon completion of sponsorship program."

My questions are as follows:
1) Nowhere in the documents that the bond period is to be2 years. I was only verbally told. However, when I signed the documents, Iwrongly assumed that 2 years is from date I signed. But HR later said that 2years is after course completion. Is it valid not to include this importantinformation in the contract document?
It is important to have service commitment period in the contract. The contract may be not vali wihtout the service commitment, you may look through the contract again or consult your legal advisor. From what you have described, the contract seems not valid and you may not need to pay. haha.

2) The part-time course (6-9pm) took 10 months tocomplete, and I have successfully completed it 9 months ago. Meanwhile, I have tendered resignation, and am servingthe 30 days notice. However, the company is demanding payment from meequivalent to "100% course fee + 3 months salary divided by 24 (i.e 2 yrsbond period) x 11 months(i.e. unfulfilled bond)". Is the demand in linewith the terms & conditions as stated above? Additional comments & explanation of the extractedstatements above will be much appreciated.
Please refer to answer at question (1)