Maternity Leave

Im currently employed under company A but will be taken over by Company B in 1st April 2012. Im currently pregnant with my no3 which will be due in NOv 2012.
My no2 was born dead in Jan 2012,but was not classified as stillbirth thus I was not entitled to any maternity leave. But I took around 2mths of hospitalisation leave after that which I just return by to work in early march.

Im wondering :
1) will I be entitled to 60days of hospitalisation leave still after company B take over from company A.

This is depending on whether Company B recognize your length of service at Company A. If Company offers you the new contract with new commencement date or new position or new salary, by right all your entitlement shall be refreshed, which you should eligible for new 60 days Hospitalization Leave.

2) And also if I were to quit right after my maternity leave,do I need to serve any notice? I will not have anyone to take care of my no3.
You cannot use your maternity period to serve your notice period. You has to serve the notice period indicated in your Letter of Employment.

3)Can Company B sack me if I were to be on mc very often due to pregnancy sickness?

Company is not advisable to terminate any employee for medical leave especially during pregnancy, and I doubt they dare to. Even if they have contractually terminated you by paying you the salary in lieu of notice, please proceed to MOM to claim for reinstatement or your maternity benefits, I am pretty sure you will win the case.