Leave Singapore Without Notice Period

I am working in a Mid-size company with 20 employes. its an IT company. I am from India. I signed a 2 -year bond with my company when i joined a job in singapore. in that bond it states that if i leave the company within one -year. i need to server 3 month notice and also pay 3 months of salary. If i quit after 1 year and before 2 year, i need to server 3 months of notice and pay 1 month of salary. after 2 years , its normal i.e 1month of notice/1month of salary.

I have almost completed one-year of my service but i cannot stand my employer anymore and i want to quit. So i wanted to chk with you if i leave and i dont server any notice period and i leave singapore, what can be legal implication fr the same. Can my company sue me for it ?(even
if i am not in sg anymore)

Company can choose to file the civil suit on you, and withhold your last drawn salary to repay the notice period. For information, company cannot withhold your last drawn salary to repay for the bond.

Depends on the amount you owe, I doubt company will take legal action on you as to serve the legal action to India is not cheap too.

However, you may have difficulties to come back to Singapore to work anymore... many thing company can do.