Training Bond for Local Training?

Training Bond
1) If the training is an oversea training conducted in an oveasea branch/ sister division with internal trainer (only costs involved are for accommodation and airfare); can the company bond the employee base on that? i.e. airfare is S$900 + accommodation S$160 = S$1060 (bond for 6 months).

Yes, the company may put up the Training Bond for the amount which higher than S$1060, such as the salary for that particular employee during the length of training, the trainer salary, facilities used, management cost and etc.

2) What if the employee was not aware of the training bond and went for the training, and upon returning, he was asked to sign the bond without having the chance to decide whether to go for the training?What is the employee's right in this case?

The employee has the right not to sign the Training Bond, as he is not informed verbally and/or black&white of the bond. Example, before you purchase the handphone at cheaper price, you already know that you need to stay at contract for 24 months. The Operator will not force you to sign the contract to bind you for 240 months after you purcahsed the handphone right?

3) Can company ask an employee to sign a Training Bond if the training (local or overseas) is proposed by the management? Or should a training bond be in place only on trainings that are requested personally by the employee?
The company can ask the employee to sign Training Bond regardless where is the training, and again is subject for both parties agreement. It is an agreement, so both party got to agree.