Termination by Giving 2 Months Service

Termination of Service An employee who has been showing low commitment and disangagement from work since the past 1 year has been asked to leave by the manager on 12 October 2009 by giving him until end of December in order for him to have ample time to find for a job.

The company will still grant him his 13th month bonus before he leaves. In his employment agreement, his notice of resignation is 1 month.

However, prior to this he has never been reminded on his low performance within the 1 year period. His immediate superior has not raised the issue and discuss with him during his performance appraisal. The only thing he got warned verbally was his habitual late attendance and frequent MCs. My question is, is it right to terminate his service this way?

The company has given more than 2 months notice (from 12 Oct to 31 Dec) to terminate the employee service. As long as the period given to the employee is more than the period of notice period stated in the Letter of Appointment, it is a contractual termination. No reasons shall be given to the employee, and yes, the employer can terminate the employee.

The employee does not give reason to employer if they resign by giving the employer sufficient notice right?