14 days Medical Leave

I have a staff who had 14 day medical leave from a doctor. On the first few days of mc, she was always out of the house ‘buying something’ whenever I called her. On the 4th day, she went overseas to Malaysia to visit her family. Are employees on MC allowed to do that? Look forward to your response.

Medical leave is supported by the registered doctor in Singapore, doctor is the one who has verified that the employee is sick or needed to rest. The employer is not the doctor to decide whether the employee is sick or not.

You can call the employee to ask him/her on which clinic he/she has visited, time & date of visited and the illness. Then you can call the doctor to verify the statement, and the medical certificate which has issued. This is to verify the statement given by the employee.

On the other hand, once the employee comes back to office, you can talk to him to get more information and advise and encourage him/her that shall rest at home if he/she is sick. Put the conversation in record and put in P-file. This may be useful for future case.