Part Time Employee

I am writing this mail on behalf of my partner who is currently working ‘part-time’ 4 days a week (Wed – Sat). She is in fact working approx 12 hour days (shifts 10am – 4pm and 6pm to close could be up until 2am) which total to approximately 48-50 hours per week but is deemed part-time. Is this an actual breach of the term ‘part-time’ also.

She has been told that she will not be entitled to the coming Public Holiday on Saturday 17th July. Her business will be in fact closed but she has been informed that she will not receive pay or a day-in-lieu which sounds grossly unfair to me.

Working from 10am to 4pm, (I assume with 1 hour lunch) which is 5 working hours
Working from 6pm to 2am, (I assume with 1 hour dinner) which is 7 working hours
Total working hours per day is 12 hours, with 4 working days a week = 48 hours a week.

(1) The company has voilated the employment act, to make the employees to work more than 44 a week. Your partner shall entitled to overtime pay for any extra hours work in a week.

(2) Anyone who work less than 35 hours a week will be consider part time employee. Your partner definately a full time employee. As a full time employee, he/she shall be entitled to full benefits spelt in Employment Act.

(3) Your partner does not require to work on holiday, and is definately a pay holiday or leave in-lieu shall be given.

Your partner can bring along his/her Letter of Appointment, payslip, and any documentation to prove on her working hour, to file complain to Ministry of Manpower. Claim against the company for at least past 1 year overtime pays and all other benefits.