Question About Resignation

If I wish to resign with effect from 16/6 (1 month notice) and last day is on 16/7, (1) how will the company calculate my salary?

If you resign on 16 June with one month notice, your last day of service shall fall on 15 July but not 16 July. The company shall pay you July salary based on the number of working days in July. Company shall also pay you your annual leave balance calculated until July 15.

For your case, company shall pay you 11/23 x $2000.
* 11 = number of your actual working day in July
* 23 = number of total working days in July
* the above is correct with assumption that you work 5 days a week

(2) And, during my 1 month notice period, I wish to clear my leave of 15days by using only 10 days. Will they deduct any amount? Is there a calculation for the left over of 5 days? Or will it not affect as it's my leave I'm offsetting from. (Our leave will be renewed by 1st July of the year.) Also, due to the fact that my leave will only be renewed by 1st July, do they have the right not to entitle me with this leave?

If your annual leave entitlement is 15 days per year, and your company is using 1st July to 30 June to counted as 1 entitlement year, you shall consume all your leave balance from previous year, but your new entitlement shall be started to count from 1 July to 15 July (your last day of service)

(3) What is the computation for my final salary if monthly salary is $2000?
11/23 x $2000 and to plus the unconsume annual leave

(4) Lastly, my company do not pay us any bonus nor 13th month bonus. We only received AWS which is paid every month. Will I still be entitle for this together with my last salary? Do they have the right not to include this?
Company has the right NOT to include AWS