Annual Leave for Part Time Job

I've been offered a part time position with a company who's full time staff get 18 days of annual leave. They told me that i'll get 9 days or annual leave since I'm only working 4 hours a day for 5 days a week as opposed to a full time staff working 8 hours a day. However, they also said that each (half) day that I take my leave, i.e., the 4 hour work day, it'll be considered ONE day. Which means I am only entitled to 9 half days of leave a year, or 36hrs as opposed to the formula in MOM's website which i calculated to be 72hours total. May I know what is the practise as the company says I've interpreted the MOM guideline wrongly.

You are working part time which your normal working hour is only 4 hours per day and you are entitled to 9 days annual leave. Whichmean that your 1 working day is equivalent to 4 hours which in line to annual leave which is equivalent to 4 hours too. Your company practice is right.

By the way. minimum Employment Act Annual Leave entitlement for first year of service is 7 days, if you were given 9 days annual leave per year for part time job for first year of service, you should feel happy :)