How To Calculate Overtime for Public Holiday?

How to Calculate Overtime for Public Holiday?

Many may confuse that employer shall pay overtime for public holiday as 2 times.

As per Employment Act, the employer may require an employee to work on a public holiday. If so, the employee should be paid:
  • An extra day's salary at the basic rate of pay for working on the public holiday; and
  • The gross rate of pay for that holiday.

A monthly-rated employee's monthly gross salary includes the gross daily rate of pay for a holiday. Hence, the employer need only pay an additional day's pay at the employee's basic rate of pay.

In the monthly payroll, the company has paid for the Public Holiday in the salary, hence if the worker works on Public Holiday, they will be pay additional 1 day pay.

So the calculation is 1 day salary (already paid in monthly salary) + 1 additional day = 2 days pay