Changes of Employment Act (1-1-09): Medical Leave

Changes of Employment Act (1-1-2009): Medical Leave / Sick Leave

With effect from 1-1-2009, the following are the changes on the Paid Medical Leave / Sick Leave

(1) Paid Medical Leave / Sick Leave (14 days MC and 60 days Hospitalization Leave) is extended to all employees.

Some may not know that before the changes, the medical leave is only applicable to employees who are covered under Part IV of the Employment Act.

(2) The qualifying period for paid sick leave will be reduced from six to three months; the sick leave entitlement for new employees will be phased-in from the 4th to 6th months of employment to alleviate employers' cost burden;

Employees are entitled to paid medical leave (MC and Hospitalization Leave), regardless of the probation period, but after the 3 months of service.

(3) Medical certificates from public medical institutions will be recognised for the granting of paid sick leave and the reimbursement of medical examination fees where company doctors are not readily available or during emergency situations;

Company cannot restrict the employee to go only the company doctor for the medical leave, if doctor is not available during emergency.