Sick Leave During Probation

Can the new employee applied for sick / medical leave during his/her probation period?

Eligibility of the sick leave / medical leave is not based on the probation period of your company. Your company can have 3 months probation or 6 months probation, or even extend the probation period, but the employee will be eligible for sick leave / medical leave entitlement after **3 months of service with your company.

Probation is a word which never appear in the Employment Act, probation period is the company policy to evaluate the suitability of the employee. As far as Employment Act concerns, as long as the employee is working with the company for **3 months, he/she will be entitled to sick leave.

**Please note that 3 months qualifying period is started from 1-1-2009, it was 6 months before the amendment of employment act.

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