Workplace Sexual Harrassment Singapore

Many employees do not aware of the Workplace Harrassment, some employees are too afraid to raise the matter, while some are unsure whether the action they received shall be considered as Sexual Harrassment.

I managed to find some examples from the "Research Study on Workplace Sexual Harrassment 2008" from "Associate for Woman Action and Research" Singapore (AWARE) Sub-Committee.

In the page 13 and 14 of the report, they have indicated some examples of the common Workplace Sexual Harrassment, and I guess it is useful to share.
The following forms, or examples, of sexual harassment are those most commonly referred to:
1. Receiving career threats such as indications that you will be fired or withheld promotion if you did not accede to requests for a date or sexual favours
2. Sexual assault and rape at the workplace
3. Verbal sexual harassment – being addressed by unwelcome and offensive terms such as ‘bitch’, ‘dick’, ‘darling’, ‘bimbo’, ‘ah kua’, etc;
4. Verbal sexual harassment – receiving unwelcome comments or being asked intrusive questions about appearance, body parts, sex life, menstruation etc;
5. Verbal sexual harassment - being made to repeatedly and intentionally listen to dirty jokes, crude stories that are unwelcome and discomforting;
6. Verbal sexual harassment – being pestered for dates or receiving unwelcome sexual suggestions or invitations;
7. Verbal sexual harassment – being repeatedly subjected to sexually suggestive, obscene or insulting sounds, which are unwelcome and offensive;
8. Visual sexual harassment – repeatedly receiving emails, instant messages, SMSes, which contain unwelcome language of a sexually-explicit nature;
9. Visual sexual harassment – having someone expose their private parts to you, or repeatedly stare at your body parts in a way that is unwelcome and discomforting;
10. Visual sexual harassment – being made to repeatedly look at sexually explicit images or pictures, or being shown obscene sexual gestures, that are offensive and unwelcome;
11. Physical sexual harassment – being brushed against or touched in any way that
was unwelcome and discomforting;
12. Physical sexual harassment - being stood very close to or cornered in a way that was unwelcome and discomforting
13. Physical sexual harassment – being forcibly kissed or hugged, or being forcibly made to touch someone;