Can I go shopping if I am on MC?

If a person is on hospitalization leave eg. from May 14 to Jun 14 due to minor surgery on the wrist, can he or she go for short holiday with the family within that period, as the expenses for the holiday is already been paid?

Many HR practitioners have different views on the above scenarios. First, ask ourselves, what is Hospitalization Leave (HL) and Medical Leave (MC) for? Did Employment Act ev...
er mentioned that employee who is on HL and MC shall stay at home and cannot go out from home?

Some argues that "since employee is on sick leave, he/she shall stay at home to ensure he/she is recovered, he/she shall not be seen in shopping mall or cinema" Ask yourself, is this acceptable?

To me, MC or HL is a certificates that medical practitioners given to excuse the employee to come to work to perform the duties, but they are never the "order" to the employee to stay at home.

Take for example, a manual worker who has twisted arm, and hence gotten the medical excuse from doctor as he/she is no longer fit to perform the job. However, I guess it is fair to say that he/she still can go to the supermarket with his/her family to buy groceries, is it a misconduct if your boss see him/her appear in shopping mall?

Many HR practitioners penalized the employee because he/she is on MC but appeared in cinema, clubbing or ktv, but on what basis that he/she cannot go to such places if he/she is on MC?