How to Calculate Short Notice

How to Calculate Short Notice?
If you are referring to calculating short notice for resignation and termination, assuming you are a monthly rated employee, it depends of the days of notice you are serving and you shall use the gross rate* of pay for one day, calculated as follows:

12 X monthly gross rate of pay
52 X average number of days an employee is required to work in a week

*Gross rate should include allowances that an employee is entitled to under his/her contract of service, but it excludes the following:

(i) Additional payments by way of: overtime payments; bonus payments; or Annual Wage Supplements (AWS)
(ii) Any sum paid to the employee for reimbursement of special expenses incurred by him/her in the course of employment;
(iii) Productivity incentive payments; hardship allowances and other allowances:
(iv) Travelling, food or housing allowances