Pro-rate of childcare leave / enquiries on maternity leave for single mother

 a)    Parents covered under Employment Act are entitled to 2 days child care leave per year -       Eg : if the employee joined the company on Aug 2012, and become confirmed staff on Nov 2012, does she entitled for 2 days child care leave or do we need to pro-rated the child care leave for  her ? 

If your employee (with non Singapore citizen child of below 7 years old) has served for minimum of 3 months, she shall be entitled to full 2 days of child care leave.

 b)    Single mother covered under Employment Act are entitled for maternity leave
 -       Does the single mother (Singapore PR)  must inform HR department for her pregnancy even there are no change of her status ?
-       Single mother is entitled for 12 weeks maternity leave, 8 weeks will be pay by EMPLOYER, 4 weeks are UNPAID, am I right ?

Employee shall notify the employer at least a week before applying for maternity leave. You are right that single mother is entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave, in which 8 weeks are paid by employer and maternity payment from the employer is voluntary for the next 4 weeks (non-claimable from government).