notice period and last pay

1) On the 2nd page of the contract, this is stated " In any
circumstance, you will have to properly hand-over the charge to the
new person nominated by the company within the notice period of 3
months. You will be required to clear any amounts due to the company
by you and the company will pay any amount due to you as per the full
and final account statements and also vacate the accommodation;if any
provide by the company " yet on the forth page it states, "If you are
absent along with your co-employees / workman acting in concert,
without due notice of 1 month which is required under the terms of
this appointment / contract of employment and without reasonable
cause, the employer may deduct an amount equal to 1 month of wages
/salary payable to you or such other amount as may be determined by
the employer in lieu of due notice.

Given this two clauses which is open to interpretation, which notice
period should I give?
1-month notice. You may confirm with your HR.

2) If the notice period is 3 months, does that mean that the company
can hold on to my salary for 3 months and pay me on the last day of
termination?; as per reference from Employment Act on frequency of
salary payment.

Without my salary for 3 months is just seemingly impossible to survive.
Company cannot withhold employee’s last salary for 3 months. If you have served the required notice, Company shall pay you on your last day of service (unless you are a foreigner who requires tax clearance, which should be cleared within 7 days or maximum of 21 days).