rejection of annual leave

I would like to ask that if an employer have every rights to reject/forbid any leave application?

I'm now in a situation where I'm now undergoing a training programme whereby I have to meet certain requirement before I can complete the course eg. Attendance.

I explained to my training manager that due to that reason I can only clear my leave during the year-end or my leave would be forfeited. But I don't want to do that instead i would rather take the leave to take a short break. However he/she said that it would be too long clearing. Do i have the rights to insist on taking leave in this situation?

Annual Leave is subject to company approval and Company has the right to reject employee's annual leave (with concern of manpower shortage, operation need etc.)

Perhaps you may consider discussing your annual leave planning and arrangement with your Company, to work out on the possible dates for your annual leave.