pro-rated medical leave

I am a contract staff (1yr).  In my contract i have 7 days annual leave. But i don't have any medical leave and medical benefits.

Now i hear that a person working in a company for more than 3 mnths are entitled to 14 days medical leave. Is it so. Then can i ask my employer about this 14 days medical leave?

Employee is entitled to medical leave (including medical leave issued by a dentist) if he has:
1.       served employer for at least 3 months.
2.       informed or attempted to inform his employer within 48 hours. Otherwise, he will be deemed to be absent from work without permission or reasonable excuse.
3.       medical leave certified by the company's doctor, or by a government doctor (including doctors from approved public medical institutions).

The number of days of medical leave entitlement for a new employee depends on his length of service:
No of months of service completed of a new employee
Paid Outpatient non-hospitalization leave (days)
Paid hospitalization leave (days)*
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months and thereafter
*Hospitalization Leave inclusive of Sick Leave