Forgery of MC

I have a HR staff who has informed the Company that she is on a day medical leave. When she submitted her MC after her returns, the MC indicated as ½ day and ask her why, she said she has no idea. I requested her to ask the doctor and if it was a mistake, request the doctor to amend the MC. She returned that MC about a week later with the amendments and doctor’s initial on it. Nevertheless, the clinic verified that they have never done the amendment before, meaning, she might have amended on her own and forged the doctor’s initial. With such case, will it be too harsh for a dismissal?

If the finding of the forged MC is confirmed, please record and documented the details provided by the clinic; and proceed with the necessary disciplinary action, i.e. dismissal.

Forgery of MC is serious offence, which is punishable under Section 465 of Penal Code with a term of imprisonment up to 4 years, or with a fine or both.
Employer should report to the police and it is the leniency you can consider extending to the employee.