annual leave approval?

I actually applied an annual leave for almost 2 months already. My immediate boss already approved it & supported by my colleague. He passed it to HR. A week later i filed, the higher boss saw my leave and said i cannot go on leave since its a month-end. My leave will be starting soon and until now I haven'y heard from HR yet if they disapproved my leave. Can i still go for my leave?

You may go for your annual leave only if it is approved. Should you proceed for annual leave without approval, it will be treated as absence without official leave approval (AWOL); you may be dismissed if you AWOL for more than 2 days.

It is important to have the supporting proof for annual leave approval, i.e. email? If your company using e-leave system, you have to ensure it has been approved. If your company is using hardcopy leave application form, you will need to have the black-and-white proof of the approval, i.e. annual leave application form approval. Please confirm again with your reporting supervisor/manager/boss and follow up in black-and-white as proof.