Long Overdue Probation

I have a 6-month probationary period as per contract signed but until now the company haven't inform me that I am a confirmed staff. My probationary period lasted 01 December 2011, until now I have not yet confirmed (almost 3 months long overdue). I sent follow-ups to HR and to our CEO. But they processed it very slowly. Even just review and signing it takes weeks. The HR will just say that it is still with boss. I understand, we are in tough economic situation right now.
What would be the best thing I'm going to do? Can I raise a complaint to MOM regarding this matter?

Actually, you do not need to worry about your probation. For annual leave and medical leave, you are still eligible after 3 months of service but not depends on your probation. Even if the company wish to terminate your contract, they are still liable for the notice period accordingly. In another words, there isn'y any difference if you were to confirm or not.