Hospitalization Leave is Deducted by Calendar Days or Working Days?

Please advise if hospitalization leave should be counted as working days or calendar days.

For my case, I was given hospitalization leave from 24th Oct 2011 and cross over to 31st Jan 2012. I know that I’m entitled to total 60days for the year of 2011. Am l entitled to the prorated 5days in Jan 2012? With my current entitlement, how far (to which date) I’m covered.

The Hospitalization Leave is calculated based on Working Days but not Calendar Days. For example, if you are scheduled to work 5 days week, and you have been given 14 days of Hospitaliztion Leave. Technically, you will still go for your leave during the 14 days, but the HR Leave system shall deduct 10 days from your 60 days eligibility instead of 14 days.

For your case if the Hospitlization Leave crossed over to a new year, you will have a new set of 60 days Hospitalization Leave, instead of "pro-rated" as you mentioned.