Compassionate Leave on Non Working Day

My late mum passed on on 13 January 2012 (Friday) at 1756 hours. My employer provides for 3 days of compassionate leave for ‘immediate family’.

Please advise if my late mum could be classified under ‘immediate family’. For my late mum’s case would compassionate leave commence from Saturday (14 January 2012) or from Monday (16 January 2012).

I am aware that compassionate leave is not mandatory under the Employment Act. But, I am seeking advice on generally-followed practice for compassionate leave.

It is soley based on the company policy. You may want to refer to your company HR to understand the policy. However, in general practice, the compassionate leave usually is consecutive and included the non-working day, for your case, it shall be from 14-1-2012 to 16-1-2012.

However, most of the company will give flexibility to the employees on exceptional basis, taking into the consideration of the location and also the wake duration. It is suggested that you may want to discuss with your employer.