My Employee keep applying for MC, how can I manage him?

My Employee keep applying for MC, how can I manage him?

Yoy may meet with your employee, ask him for the reasons of his illness. Usually, such employee will visit more than 2-3 clinics, so he can hop for the MC.

You may advise him that the company concerns about his health, and he shall stay with 1 or 2 clinics at his choice, in order to let the doctor to better monitor his whatever illness, otherwise, he seems that not sincere and not serious in taking care of his health and it appears to the company that he is malingering for medical leave.

Then, after the discussion, you should document down all the conversation and his agreed clinics at his choice and his conveniences.

After which, you shall do abit of homework and to monitor him closely on every single MC that he submitted, question him if he failed to visit the 2 clinics that he choosen earlier. If he is unable to give the reasonable reason, you may issue him warning accordingly (verbal - written - final), hence you can subsequently manage him out.

Why 2 clinics but not 1? usually the employee will say, the clinic is not in operation, so he has no choice to visit other clinics, so it is better for him to choose 2, preferably 1 of it is operating for 24 hours... this leave him no other better "reason" to clinic hop.

Good luck in your termination :)