Unfair Training Bond

I have been working in this company for 6months and I am still under probation. However, my employer said that if I were to tender my post, I will be made to pay the bond of $12k. To my understanding, when under probation, we are save from the bond and the will only start when we are a confirmed staff.

This is what the contract states:In consideration of the training you will be bound to the company by a Bond amounting to $12k and tenable over a period of 3 years.
This Bond will take effect upon commencement of your employment with the company. If you terminate the employment before the expiry of the Bond period of 3 years, you will be required to pay a pro-rated sum based on the remaining Bond.

As stated in the Training bond you indicated above, yes, you are liable to pay pro-rated bond amount for the remaining period, upon the commencement date.

I have not gone through any external trainings. Just on the job training. So does that mean I still have to pay the pro-rated bond? If I do not have to pay and my boss still insist on paying, can I argue with her?

This can be considered a civil suit case that the company may consider to sue you if you failed to pay for the bond. However, you may seek help from Ministry of Manpower to put up a complaint of unfair employment and to ask the employer to explain and calculate how they have spent S$12k of training during your stay with the company.