Last Payment of Salary

I just joined a new company. I plan to take one no pay leave, will you be able to advise how will our HR calculate my salary for that month that assume this month - I take one no pay leave and my salary is $3500. In one of your article - Calculating Unpaid Leave - since I am not resigning, then I should use the basic salary / total working day of July in order to get the daily rate for July and multiply by 22 days.
Daily rate = $3500 / 23 (total working days in July) = $152.17 Salary for July = $152.17 x 22 days (since I took one day no pay leave) = $3347.83 Please advise if the above calculation is correct. As for the CPF contributions for me, will it based on $3500 or $3347.83 ?

Your calculation is correct, CPF will be S$3348