Annual Leave Statistic

May I know if there are any statistics which show the average annual leave which is given out in Singapore? Is there a average or minimum given out by industry, position and experience?

I have been offered a contract which only provides for 8 days of annual leave, as the employer says he took it from the Union's website (i.e MOM). But accordingly, that minimum of 7 days is covered by the Employment Act which is namely for foreign workers and/or employees who earn less than $1600 a month. May I know if there are any statistics or averages which I am able to show my employer to negotiate and ask for more leave, as with the industry average? Most of the companies I know have at least a minimum of 14 days.

You are right that the Part IV of the employment Act covers the workman or employee who is earning S$2000 and less. Which mean that if you are not under this category, it is up to the terms of the contract between the company and the employee.

I have earlier posted the statistic of annual leave in the market, and this data provided by MOM in the following