Notice Period

A staff tender a resignation and serving 2 months notice.
The company decided to release the staff early with only 1 month notice, can the company only pay the staff 1 month notice period or should the company compensate the staff for the other month? The staff is willing to serve the full notice period. Can the company insist the staff to go?

If the notice period is 2 months, either party employee or employer shall serve 2 months notice or pay 2 months salary in-lieu of notice to end the employment.

If the company insist the staff to go by serving only 1 month notice, unless the staff agrees, otherwise, the company shall pay the staff additional 1 month of salary in lieu of notice.

1 month notice + 1 month salary = 2 months

The company cannot insist the employee to serve only 1 month notice. The employee can file the complain to MOM on this matter.