What is My Resignation Notice Period?

I have no employment contract, or my employment contract does not indicate my resignation notice period, and I am not been verbally told about my notice period.
If I wish to resign, what is my notice period?

Employee who wish to resign must give the employer notification by writing, and to serve the notice period or salary in lieu of notice.

The notice period will be depends on what is agreed in the written employment contract. If there is no written contract, the notice period to be given depends on what the parties have agreed upon verbally. If there is no such period previously agreed upon, the following shall apply:

Length of Service

Notice Period

Less than 26 weeks

1 day

26 weeks to less than 2 years

1 week

2 years to less than 5 years

2 weeks

5 years and above

4 weeks

Employer cannot request employee to serve any other notice period that the above, if nothing has been communicated earlier.

The day on which the notice is given shall be included in the notice period. For example, if you serve the resignation letter on 2 November, your last day of service is on 1 December (if notice period is 1 month)

The length of notice to be given by an employee (in a resignation) and an employer (in a termination of employment) must be the same.

However, if both party agree, by mutual consent, notice can be waived, which the employee can leave the company earlier and the company will only pay the employee salary up to his/her last working day.