How can I dismiss employee who medically unfit to work?

How can I dismiss employee who medically unfit to work?

Employer cannot dismiss employee who are medically unfit to work. In fact, employer shall look from the employee’s performance perspective.

Employer shall see whether employee can perform the job as required, employer shall talk to the employee the expectation, and set the employee the target and deadline, and documented all the conversation. Employer shall also review the employee performance timely and to communicate to employee whether they achieve the performance required and how to improve the performance.

If the employee’s performance is not up to expectation within the certain time line set, employer shall given the verbal warning, warning letter and final warning letter, before come to the decision of termination and dismissal. Each warning shall be given only the performance requirement and dateline have been set.

In conclusion, employer shall communicate to employee their expectation, and guides on how to improve their performance, and also sufficient period of employee to improve the performance.