Termination of Employment Service, Can I Complain?

The employee's employment service is being terminated by company by giving one month notice or one month salary in-lieu of notice, can the employee file complaints to Ministry of Manpower to seek for compensation?

There are differences between Termination and Dismissal.
Termination is when the employer end the employment by either giving notices or salary in lieu of notice to the employee. The notice period given is based on the individual employment contract.

Dismissal is when the employer end the employement without giving any compensation and notice. Basically, the employer just ask the employee to leave immediately and pay his/her salary until the last working day.

Technically, there is no case if the employer terminate the employee services, as it is bind by the contract. Likewise, the employee can end the employment by giving notices when they tender their resignation. Employer cannot reject that resignation and ask for compesation right?

Unless when the employee is dismissed without valid reason, or in the employee opinion that they have been unlawful terminated / dismissed by the employer, then the employee can try to lodge the complaint to MOM.